Dr Snežana R. Popović

Dr Snežana R. Popović
Academic title: Assistant professor
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Academic career

Academic title:2012, School of Computer Science, University UNION, Belgrade, Information Management (IM)
PhD: 2012, Singidunum University, Belgrade , Computer Science
MSc: 2007, Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Belgrade, Management Information Systems
Bsc: 1986, Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Belgrade, Management Information Systems


Dr Snezana Popovic graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, majoring in organizational cybernetic direction. At the same faculty she finished master studies with thesis "Modeling business processes in the development of applications in electronic commerce", acquired title: Master of Science in electronic business. She received her PhD at the University Singidunum. Her PhD thesis was: "The model of interoperability of electronic business system based on service-oriented software development", acquired title: PhD of computer science. Professional, engineering involvement is related to the work of programming and design of information systems in many data centers and at the Laboratory for Computer Science of the Institute "Boris Kidrič" in Vinca. She has participated in the planning and development of software solutions for the Protection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Since 1999, is engaged in the implementation of training for the use of Microsoft technologies and tools in the training center CET in Belgrade as certified trainers and coache. In the period from 2008 to 2012, she was lecturer at the professional studies at the School of Computing in Belgrade. At the same university in 2012 she was elected as assistant professor for the group of subjects in the field of information management.

Scientific and professional production

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