Dr Borislav K. Agapiev

Dr Borislav K. Agapiev
Academic title: Assistant professor
Born: Tuesday, 14 February 1961
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Academic career

Academic title:2010, School of Computer Science, University UNION, Computer science (CS)
PhD: 2014, Oregon Health, USA
Bsc: 1984, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr Borislav Agapiev was born 14.02.1961.in Belgrade.He finished elementary school "Radojka Lakic", Belgrade in 1975,the Mathematical High School in Belgrade in 1979. He graduated in 1984 at the Electrotechnical faculty, University of Belgrade, on the section of electronics,both the electronics and computer technology. In 1985 he enrolled in PhD studies at the Department of Science & Engineering Oregon Health Sciences University (formerly the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology), where in 1992 he finished his PhD with thesis entitled "Logic Programming - a Functional Approach". After graduation, in the period 1992-2000. He worked for the company Intel Corp. as a member of the team for the design of microprocessors Pentium Pro - the first Intel [/ xa} true superscalar processors with parallel fetch and execution of instructions. He worked on the design of dynamic circuits layout of memory instructions, hardware design, coding and testing, as a Senior Research Staff. He was a founding member of the Strategic CAD Labs (SCL), a special research group for designing next-generation microprocessors. He also worked on the design of specificational formal languages, as well as the analysis of inductive noise and signal integrity. He is founder of the company Vast.com Inc. In the period 2000-2006 he worked as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and between 2005 and 2006 as CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Vast.com (former Omni-Explorer Technologies) is a vertical web browser used by AOL Autos, Kelly Blue Book, Yahoo Travel, Overstock.com, etc. Since 2006 he is the CTO position Wowd Inc. USA (former Edgios Inc.). In 2008 he became vice president in charge of research (VP Research). In 2010 he was appointed Assistant Professor at the School of Computing, University Union, Belgrade. In early 2011, part of his company Wowd was taken over by Facebook. In 2011 Google Inc. took over his three patents related to web browsers.

Scientific and professional production

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