Dr Svetlana M. Knezevic

Dr Svetlana M. Knezevic
Academic title: Associate Professor
Born: Wednesday, 24 November 1971

Academic career

Academic title: 2013, School of Computer Science, University UNION, Belgrade, Design of Communications
MSc: 2004, Faculty of Applied Art - Belgrade, Graphic Design
Bsc: 1997, Faculty of Applied Art - Belgrade, Graphic Design

Scientific and professional production

  1. Public presentation of artistic works in solo exhibitions: "Shakespeare Festival", exhibition posters, The National Theatre
  2. Public presentation of artistic works at the collective juried exhibitions ... "39th May Exhibition", Bgd, 2007 "Illustrators Politikin Zabavnik", Bgd, 2007, ''44th Golden Pen of Belgrade ", Bgd, 2007.
  3. Commercial realization of the artistic work: Illustrations for Politikin Zabavnik, photos for calendars (ZTP Beograd) Graphic solutions for the packaging and the like (Individual design agencies)
  4. Participation or managing the specific art courses, seminars and master classes: Making art colony, "Echo festival"
  5. Participation in national or international competitions artworks: Call for Belgrade souvenir, Cultural Center of Belgrade 2006-2007 (preliminary designs for t-shirts, hats, stationery program ...)
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