Dr Milanka D. Gardasevic-Filipovic

Dr Milanka D. Gardasevic-Filipovic
Academic title: Associate Professor
Born: Friday, 16 July 1965
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Academic career

Academic title: 2004, School of Computer Science, University UNION, Belgrade
PhD: 2012, Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade
MSc: 1999, Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade
Bsc: 1991, Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade


Milanka Gardašević-Filipović was born in July 16, 1965 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. She finished elementary and high school in Herceg Novi, Montenegro and in 1991 graduated at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Department of Numerical mathematics and optimization. At the same department in 1999 she graduated master studies with thesis entitled "Application of subdifferential to minimize one type of non-differentiable functions using generalized Trust Region Method". In 2012 she finished PhD studies with thesis entitled "Numerical methods for solving convex non-differentiable optimization problems". She worked at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade (1992-2009) as an assistant professor at the Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics in constructive systems, Applied Mathematics in constructive systems, Mathematics in architecture 2 and the preparatory course "Towards architecture ". She was hired part-time assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade (2008/2009) on Mathematics 1 and hired a part-time lecturer (2014-2015) at the School of Computing, University Union in Belgrade on Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Advanced mathematical analysis. Since 2011 she works at the Applied studies school of Technology in Arandjelovac, teaching Mathematics, Mathematics 2, Geometry and design, Probability and Statistics. At the School of Computing she was elected assistant professor in October 1, 2015. She is the author of one textbook and one exercise book, several scientific papers and she was participant in many scientific conferences of national and international character. She was involved in two projects,one of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection and other of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Serbia. Her current research area is mathematical programming, algorithms for the unconditional minimization of convex non-differentiable functions as well as multi-criteria optimization of the final discrete set.

Scientific and professional production

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