Dr Tatjana M. Davidović

Dr Tatjana M. Davidović
Academic title: Senior Research Associates
Born: Monday, 21 December 1964
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Academic career

Academic title: 2012, Mathematical Institute SANU, Computer Science
PhD: 2006, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Computing
MS: 1992, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Mathematics, Computing
Bsc: 1987, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Mathematics

Scientific and professional production

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2. Maraš, V., Lazić, J., Davidović, T., Mladenović, N., Routing of Barge Container Ships by Mixed-Integer Programming Heuristics, Applied Soft Computing, 13(8), pp. 3515-3528, 2013. M23
3. Maraš, V., Konings, R., Radmilović, Z., Davidović, T., Towards the Optimal Solution of Feeder Container Ships Routing with Empty Container Repositioning, Journal of Maritime Research, 9(3), 2012. M23
4. Davidović, T., Šelmić, M., Teodorović, D., Ramljak, D., Bee Colony Optimization for Scheduling Independent Tasks to Identical Processors, Journal of Heuristics, 18(4), pp. 549-569, 2012. M23
5. Davidović, T., Ramljak, D., Šelmić, M., Teodorović, D., Bee Colony Optimization for the p-Center Problem, Computers and Operations Research, 38(10) pp. 1367--1376, 2011. M21
6. Cvetković, D., Davidović, T., Ilić, A., Simić, S., Graphs for Small Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 217(6), pp. 2468--2480, 2010. M21
7. Cvetković, D., Davidović, T., Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks with Small Tightness, International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 20(5), pp. 941--963, 2009. M21Nidoped PbTe, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 442,324-327(2007). M21

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