Dr Mirjana B. Marković

Dr Mirjana B. Marković
Academic title: Professors of Applied studies
Born: Tuesday, 29 September 1959
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Born in Belgrade, where she studied and graduated from the Faculty of Philology (1986). In the course of regular studies she followed two courses - teaching and editorial-proofreading. Postgraduate studies (course for the Study of Literature) completed at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and achieved a masters degree (2003). Defended her doctoral dissertation in 2011 and received the academic degree of Doctor of didactic and methodical science. As a lecturer made a significant contribution to a continuingly large number of courses, which she taught and held practice sessions. In 2003. elected to the position of Senior Lecturer for the Culture of speech, which she still teaches; in 2004 elected to the position of Lecturer for the course Literature for Children. Lectureship in the subject Serbian language (2006), and then elected to the position of Teacher Of Vocational Studies in the field of philology (2007). Acquired the title of Professor of Applied Studies of Language and Literature in 2011 and from that year on teaches Introducing children to the world of the written word at specialized studies. At the Faculty of Computer Science, Union University, Belgrade, holds practice sessions in Writing and Speaking (from 2009:). Dedicated to issues of literary studies, as well as to problems of the culture of speech and communication, not neglecting the methodological aspects of these phenomenons. She published a monography and a textbook on the Culture of speech which so far has had four editions, and was written in co-authorship with Magister Živan Lukić. A remarkable number of texsts are contained in the manual Culture of speech (2008), by a group of authors which is approved as a textbook for the Culture of speech, by the decision of the Professors council of the High school for Educators in Aleksinac. Professional papers published in national journals, proceedings of international scientific and professional meetings with reviews and other. In addition to topics related to these areas, a significant number of publications devoted to the problems of rhetoric and communication.

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