Network Security

Evaluation and treatment of security risks. Privacy security. Physical security. Trends in the protection of computer networks. Potential attacks. The possible modes of defense. Protection technology. Standard cryptographic algorithms (symmetric DES, IDEA, asymmetric RSA). Digital signatures. Digital envelope. PKCS standards. Multi-layered architecture of protection.

Protection at the application level. S/MIME protocol. Protection of Web transactions. Tokens, smart cards and biometrics. Protecting at the transport layer. SSH, SSL, TLS, WTLS protocols. Protection at the network level. IPSec. Authentication protocols of remote access. PPTP and L2TP protocols. VPN. Kerberos. Firewall devices. Multiple firewall architecture. Security of wireless 802.x networks. Smart cards. HSM devices. Software and hardware solutions of protection. PKI systems. Digital certificates. Components of the PKI system. CA. RA.

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