Data compression

Compression techniques. Modeling and coding. Huffman's codes. Golomb's codes. Rice's codes. Tunstall's codes. Arithmetical coding. Techniques based on dictionaries. Applications: Unix compression, GIF, modem, V.42 bis compression. Predictive coding. Dynamic Markov compression. Compression losses. Criteria of distortion. Scalar quantization. Uniform quantization. Adaptive quantization. Non-uniform quantization. Entropy quantization. Vector quantization. Linde-Buzo-Gray algorithm. Structured vector quantization. Differential coding. DPCM. Delta modulation. Speech coding. Coding of images. Coding by transformation. Quantization and coding of transformation coefficients. Application to image compression - JPEG. Application to compression of audio signals. Sub-band coding. Application to speech coding - G.722. Application to audio signals coding - MPEG audio. Application to image compression. Wavelet compression. JPEG 2000. Schemes of analysis and synthesis. Video compression. Compression of movement. Algorithms for video conferencing and video telephones - H.261. Asymmetrical applications - MPEG (1, 2, 4 and 7).

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