Networks for remote access

WAN technologies and components. Using AAA for the purpose of scaling control of network access. Configuring the asynchronous connectivity to a central location with modems. Configuring the PPP and controlling access to the network with PAP and CHAP. Using ISDN and DDR to improve connections. Optimization of DDR interfaces. Establishing Frame Relay connections and controlling the flow of traffic. Establishing a backup for the primary connection. Managing network performances with queuing and compression. Scaling IP addresses using NAT. Using broadband technology for accessing a central location. Configuring the CPE as a PPPoE client. Configuring the DSL with PPPoA. Troubleshooting DSL. Virtual private networks. IPSec technology. Preparing for IKE and IPSec. Configuring the IKE. Configuring the IPSec. Testing and verification of IPSec.

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