Multimedia information systems

Multimedia server, storage and data center. The modeling of multimedia services and resources. Small multimedia applications (presentation and educational applications). Medium multimedia application (document systems and content-centric businesses process systems). Big multimedia applications (content distribution network, Google, YouTube, MapReduce paradigm, Hadoop, big data). The algorithms of multimedia collective intelligence (collaborative filtering, clustering, independent features discovery, examples in Python). The user interaction with multimedia. Color models, the perception of colors. Images (JPEG standard, discrete cosinus transformation, the input and output devices, GIMP image processing, vector and raster approaches, OpenOffice Draw image processing, the automatic analysis of image, the esthetic analysis of image). Video (MPEG standard, animation). Sound (the input and output devices, the sound discretization and compression, MP3 and MIDI standards). Text (fonts, editing). The convergence in multimedia (3D print, prosumerism).

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