Fundamentals of electronics

Basic concepts of electricity. The electric field. Potential. The conductors and dielectrics.

Circuits with constant current. The first and second Kirchhoff's law. Methods of solving equations of electric circuits: mesh analysis and nodal analysis. Thevenin's and Norton's theorem. The magnetic field. The magnetic flux. Basic laws. Inductance and mutual inductance. Circuits with sinusoidal currents. Representation of periodic electrical quantities using phasor and complex calculation. Methods of solving circuits with simple periodic incentives Simple RLC circuits. Basic concepts of transitional modes. Time and frequency domain. Fourier series and Fourier transform. Fundamentals of semiconductor physics. Diode. The concept of setpoint. Field effect transistors. The concept of gain, input and output resistance. Basic amplifier stages. Bipolar transistors. Basic amplifier stages. Differential amplifier.

Operational amplifier. Basic application of operational amplifiers.

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