Scripting languages

Historical Review. Forerunners of scripting languages. Characteristics of scripting languages. The use of scripting languages. Automation of management of jobs - Shell scripting. Perl. The names and variables in Perl. Scalar expressions. Control structures. Built-in functions.
Collections of data. Working with vectors and lists. Easy input and output Subroutines. A script with arguments. Using pack and unpack. Working with files. The command Eval. References. Data Structures. Related variables. TCL structure. TCL syntax. TCL parser. Variables and data in TCL. Flow control. Data Structures. Procedures. Strings. Commands Eval, source, exec and uplevel. Libraries and packages. Namespaces. Catching errors. Programming based on events. C and Java interfaces. Visual tools. The basic principles of TK. Designing ActiveX controls. Interfaces for Windows API. Access to external databases. Scripting Web clients and servers. JavaScript. Object models. VBScript. Active Server Pages.

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