Control systems

Basic concepts and principles of automatic control systems. The mathematical description of continuous linear and nonlinear systems. Laplace transform. The transfer function. Algebra of transfer functions. Signal flow graph. Assessment of the quality of management in stationary and transition mode. Analysis of the stability of the system by analytical methods. Root locus. Analysis and synthesis of systems in the frequency domain: Nyquist stability criterion, excess stability, Bode method. The concept of the state space of the system. Selecting and setting the parameters of industrial controllers: PID regulator.
Elements of digital control systems. The processes of selection and delay. Direct digital control. Z-
transformation. The concept of the state of digital systems. Discrete transfer function. Analysis of digital systems. Stability of a digital system. Design of digital control systems: controllers, PID controllers, servo regulators, resetting the system dynamics, regulators in the state space. Implementation of digital control algorithms.

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