Project management

Management of areas (boundaries) of responsibility on the project (product description and results of the implementation of IT projects, contractual obligations and delivery, places and criteria for decision-making, standards, procedures, components and sources of the crisis of management of IT projects, elements of the software crisis, and the new information and communication technologies) ; The control of deadlines (identification of minimum, maximum and most likely duration of the tasks and activities, the density of probability of distribution of duration, order of the flow of execution, critical path, Gantt chart, PERT chart, Bayesian networks); 3) Cost management (decomposition of the project into tasks and activities, classes of software projects, metrics for assessing the size and complexity of software, cost estimation models of software design, software costs factors, i.e. LOC, FP, McCabe and COCOMO model, the software equation)); 4) Quality management (multidimensionality of software quality, restrictions in the process of securing and quality control of software, factors, criteria and metrics of software quality, software errors, software testing techniques, the generation rate of errors and efficacy of detection and correction in phases of software development, software quality measurement by Kepner-Tregor, Cologne, Polarity methods and the method of weighting factors); 5) Human resources management (selection of team members, composition and construction of teams, training, measurement of business efficiency i.e.. productivity of team members); 6) Risk management (risk identification, analysis of the probability of risk, assessment of the effects of risk, mitigation techniques, prevention and avoidance of risk, metrics of effectiveness of risk management); 7) Information management (communication) in the project (criterion for evaluating the quality of information, collection, storage, i.e., the generation of databases, software tools for protecting information, media); 8) Managing the logistical support on the project (procurement contracting, monitoring delivery, quality of delivery, commerce, etc.)

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