Business software

Microsoft Outlook: Organizing. Joining files. Personal signatures for messages. Email messages and options for delivery. Creating and editing contacts. Acceptance, rejection and delegating tasks. Meetings, conferences and events. Adjusting parameters of calendars. Creating, editing and assigning tasks. Distribution lists. Linking contacts with other elements. Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating a new presentation based on a template. Inserting and editing text content. Tables, charts and diagrams. Inserting images, shapes and graphic objects. Formatting text, images and graphic objects. Formatting slides. Animation schemes. Microsoft Word: Creating text styles, tables and enumerations. Control of page numbering. Formatting, positioning and resizing graphics with advanced options of deployment. Inserting and editing objects. Creation and editing diagrams and charts using data from other sources. Sorting lists and tables. Calculation in the tables. Changing the format of tables. Creating abbreviated display of the document using automated tools. Use of automated tools for navigation. Mail Merge. Structuring documents using XML. Making changes of format, background of documents, indexes and contents. Microsoft Excel: Using subtotals. Definition and implementation of advanced filters. Grouping the data and their presentation in the form of frame display. Checking the validity of entry. Creating and modifying sets of cells in the form of a list. Adding scenarios, displaying, closing, rearrangement, integration and presentation in the form of aggregated scenarios.Creating reports. Search functions. Functions of a database. Finding dependent cells in the formulas and errors. Finding incorrect data and formulas.

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