In the program of Computer engineering, students acquire the following skills:

  • Diagnostics of hardware and software problems,
  • Backup and recovery of damaged data,
  • Maintenance of computers and computer networks,
  • Planning, implementation and security of computer networks,
  • Monitoring and optimization of networks,
  • Configuration and testing of computer components,
  • Designing computer networks of small and large business systems,
  • Maintenance and installation of servers for databases,
  • Maintenance and implementation of Microsoft Windows servers and services,
  • Design of network infrastructure,
  • Configuration and administration of networks based on Cisco platforms,
  • Using modern engineering techniques, skills and tools in the analysis and design of systems,
  • Design and managing of scientific experiments, engineering, and analysis and interpretation of relevant data,
  • Designing systems that include hardware and / or software components,
  • Identification, formulation and solving of new problems in computer engineering.
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