Tuition fee

From the perspective of a student, tuition is an investment in his or her own future.

Tuition includes:

  • classes,
  • individual consultations,
  • taking exams,
  • complete literature in printed or electronic form,
  • software licenses,
  • unlimited access to the Internet,
  • use of other resources of the faculty,
  • all certificates, forms, diplomas and so on.

The price of master studies is 5.000€.

In short, there are no hidden costs for the student.

Maximum discount of 40% - for each completed year of undergraduate studies at the RAF, future master students are entitled to 10% discount.

Prices are in Euros for one year of study, and the payment is made in dinars according to the middle exchange rate at the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment.


In the master program of Computer science, students acquire the following skills:

  • Carrying out specific tasks such as games, proof of mathematical theorems and diagnosis of disease,
  • Methods of pattern recognition, the research of distributed computing resources, fuzzy logic, stability, network computing environments, computer intelligence,
  • Knowledge and use of mathematical concepts, the principles and methods that are the basis for the implementation of intelligent systems (fuzzy logic, advanced algorithms, genetic algorithms, symbolic mathematics),
  • Knowledge and use of simulation software, the development and testing of intelligent systems,
  • Ability to design, develop and deploy intelligent systems (neural networks, expert systems, robots ...)
  • Capability to follow the development of the technology of intelligent systems, as well as the assessment of their possible use in everyday life,
  • Ability to understand the social impact of intelligent systems, both legal and ethical, and economic terms.

Computer science - master studies

racunarske nauke

Would you like to develop robots and autonomous vehicles which move independently and perform a variety of tasks in a completely unfamiliar environment and without human influence? In a word, do you want to make intelligent systems?

Master studies in computer science can help you make your wishes a reality. The area of intelligent systems involves many disciplines, such as machine learning, computer games, automatic proof of mathematical theorems, or diagnosis of disease in medicine. This area systematizes and automates intellectual activity.

Study program: Computer science ( reaccredited 2014. )
The previous name of the study program: Intelligent systems ( accredited 2009. )
Duration: 1 year (60 ECTS points)
Profession: Master informatician
Number of entries per year: 15 students

The diploma is recognized abroad in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.

Requirements for admission:

  • Completed studies lasting 4 years (240 ECTS points),
  • The rank list of candidates to enrollment is determined by the success of the completion of the previous studies of applicants.
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